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POWER's Mission

POWER® Magazine is a high-end publication that is directed to an upscale audience. We focus on the concept of power: who has it, how to attain it and what to do with it.

All intriguing facets of power are explored: from the profiles of the rich and the famous, to the stories of the less well-known power players domestically and internationally. POWER® Magazine provides quality content for readers whose interests are at the very core of the power lifestyle.

Our editorial content includes the stories of the men and women who have attained power in all areas of life. We share insights from celebrities and executives who have made their dreams come true so our readers can expand their own visions by learning from others' success stories.

Our magazine also highlights the exciting news surrounding the powerful: everything from the restaurants and clubs they go to, to the high fashion they wear, the luxury items they purchase, the vacations they take and the high-profile events the powerful attend.

POWER® Magazine covers it all: every provocative, insightful aspect of the concept of power is available to our readers.

Loraine Colonello
Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

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