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Loraine Colonello and Zac Posen


Zac Posen Dazzles the Runway

Bombarding fashion magazines and now splashing style on Neiman Marcus runways, you may be wondering where this name has come from.

The 23 year-old designer Zac Posen has certainly made his mark, emerging from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London to designing gowns that Hollywood stars cannot resist. You may have even caught his pale pink gown clutching the curves of Jennifer Garner at the 2004 Golden Globes.

Posen's close friend, Natalie Portman, frequently flaunts his designs since he dressed her for the Star Wars: Episode ll premiere. He feels her poise brings his designs to life.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Posen himself is in the spotlight among fashion critics and is known for designs that bring out a woman's true persona, femininity, and glowing inner confidence. "Women are strong, sexy and very intelligent. That's how they should be treated and perceived," states Posen.

Posen came dressed to the nines to his Neiman Marcus fashion show and mingled with attendees such as Jason Davis, grandson to billionaire Marvin Davis, John Martins, president of Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills, Loraine Colonello of POWER, and his mother and manager, Susan Posen. Phillip Bloch, famed stylist to Halle Berry and actress Marsha Thompson joined the admirers in previewing Posen's work. The event attracted an eclectic and glamorous turnout, attracting stars, critics, and designers alike.

Even the infamous Mr. Blackwell attended with approving eyes wide open. We won't find those wearing Posen's designs on his annual worst dressed list, which included Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Madonna in 2003.

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