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Yours, Mine & Ours movie poster

Paramount Studios

Yours, Mine & Ours

Paramount Studios provided a much needed break from the holiday hustle and bustle with its Yours, Mine & Ours screening at the Mann National Theater in Westwood, Calif. Starring Hollywood Walk of Fame star Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo, the romantic comedy a la Brady Bunch meets The Parent Trap is the perfect movie the whole family can see.

In the film, Frank Beardsley (Dennis Quaid) is a widower with eight children. He runs into his high school sweetheart, Helen North (Rene Russo), who is a widow and has 10 kids of her own. The two realize that they are still in love—even 30 years later—and decide to run off and get married without even telling their kids.

Frank and Helen hope their children will form an instant, loving family. But, it is not as easy as they think. The two families clash over different lifestyles. While the Beardsleys are a disciplined bunch who follow things by the book--typical of Navy children--the Norths are a free-spirited group who do not live by any book.

The kids want things to go back to the way they used to be before their parents got married. To do so, they join forces to launch Operation Frank/Helen breakup. Just when their plan appears to be working, the kids realize that they like each other and don’t want to breakup the family. Can they save Frank and Helen and ultimately, the family?


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