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Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

Young, Hot Hollywood Style Awards

At a party hosted by US Weekly and Jessica Simpson, Hollywood’s starlets showed up to determine, in the famous words of Paris Hilton, what is “hot right now.”

Hilton was one of many hot young guests who received an award for the Trendsetter of the Year and shocked the industry by showing up without sidekick, Nicole Richie. Instead, the famous heiress showed up with a mane of brown hair and her arm wrapped around Kimberly Stewart, the blonde daughter of Rod Stewart, her new co-star for The Simple Life 4. Hilton says that Stewart is her new best friend on the show, which begins production on Maui in May. She told reporters, “It’s my show; I’ve had it three seasons and I just want to freshen it up – make it newer and funnier.”

Hilton said of her new co-star Stewart, “We’ve known each other since we were in our mom’s tummies. We’ve been doing fashion shows for charity since we were three years old. We’ve always been getting dressed up together our whole lives.” When asked who the bigger troublemaker of the two is, Stewart laughed and pointed at Hilton. Hilton continued on, “When you’re with your friend you’ve known your whole life, you totally trust them. We just act like sisters. We have fun.”

Her comments on Nicole Richie were simply, “She’s engaged and she’s working like a dog.”

Hilton’s former co-star, Richie, did attend the party, however, with her fiancé Adam Goldstein, aka DJ-AM. Richie, the recipient of the Best Red-Carpet Style award, talked to E! reporters about her upcoming wedding. Richie said of her gown, “I’ve actually looked at some amazing pieces and I definitely want to design a little bit of it just make it my own.” Richie left the party after a brief stint on the red carpet and also, coincidentally, soon after Hilton and Stewart began dancing on top of a sofa.

Jessica Simpson arrived at the party with husband, Nick Lachey, looking beautiful as ever in a multi-colored Missoni gown and prepared to receive US Weekly’s Style Icon of the Year award. She and Nick appeared on the cover of the magazine’s Apr. 25 issue with Simpson quoted saying, “I’m tired of the lies.”

Disappointed with the headline, Simpson said, “Originally, I thought I was doing something about the award that I was getting tonight. But, um … it’s OK that it’s a little…”

Nick filled in, “Typical US Weekly.”

“Yes, typical US Weekly fashion,” Simpson agreed. However, she became much more positive when she said, “There are quotes in there that are definitely from me. We have a good relationship with US Weekly. They’ve definitely stuck by us. In Touch is probably our least favorite.”

Jessica Alba walked the red carpet alone and won Best Movie-Star Style. Janice Min, Editor-in-Chief of US Weekly, said the party was just an amusing way of “capturing who is hot right now.”

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