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Anthony LaPaglia and Loraine Colonello

Winter Solstice Premiere

Paramount Classics and POWER Magazine welcomed the Los Angeles premiere of the new film, Winter Solstice, last week. The movie, which is a tale of the small steps taken in the aftermath of family loss, follows the life of quiet craftsmen landscape gardener Jim Winters, played by Anthony LaPaglia. Though he desires just an orderly, ordinary life, his family members do not permit this. Instead, he struggles as he witnesses his sons make choices that he views as disastrous compromises. His elder son, Gabe, played by Aaron Stanford, is orchestrating an escape to Florida, abandoning any shot of a stable future with his girlfriend. Younger son, Pete Mark (Mark Webber), on the other hand, has retreated into a private world of anger, drift and disappointment. It is not until Jim meets his new neighbor, Molly (Allison Janney), that Jim finds a way to deal with his own life and his family’s future.

Winter Solstice, produced by John Limotte and Doug Bernheim and created under the direction and writing of Josh Sternfield also starred Ron Livingston. The premiere consisted of a screening and an after-party at the Paramount Theatre. Celebrity guests included Holly Valance, Lainie Kazan, Tammy Tayson, and Rebecca Mary.

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