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The Weather Man Movie Poster

Paramount Studios

The Weatherman

The unusually chilly weather Monday night was frightful. But attending the Paramount Studios screening of The Weatherman at the Hollywood Arclight Theater was certainly delightful. Starring Academy Award winner Nicholas Cage, Academy Award nominee Michael Caine, and Golden Globe nominee Hope Davis, the movie is a dramegy about life’s unexpected turns.

In the film, David Spritz (Nicholas Cage) is a popular TV weatherman whose onscreen charm and winning smile overshadows the disastrous climate that is his personal life. A true testament of when it rains it pours, he collectively copes with a painful divorce, his father’s illness, his estranged relationship with his children, and the daily pelts of soda, malts and fast food by jealous fans. Though David is provided a little sunshine when given the chance to audition for the national morning show Hello America, he realizes that what he wants more than anything are things out of his control: respect from those jealous fans; acceptance from his prize-winning author father (Michael Caine); love from his soon-to-be ex-wife (Hope Davis); happiness for his daughter (Gemmenne de la Pena); and a sense of responsibility for his son (Nicholas Hoult).

It just goes to show that life, like the weather, is very unpredictable.

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