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Loraine Colonello with Vanity Fair Models

Greg Hurwitz

Designer and Josh Mankiewicz

Vanity Fair At Nordstrom's

Vanity Fair hosted an event at Nordstrom’s in the Grove for Gregg Hurwitz’ fifth crime novel, The Kill Clause. The reviews have been stellar- another best-seller for Hurwitz. Currently residing in L.A., Hurwitz grew up in San Francisco. He began writing his first novel at 19 while working on B.A.’s in both English and Psychology at Harvard. Hurwitz then pursued a Master’s degree in Shakespearean Tragedy at Oxford College. His books span subjects such as the inner workings of FBI and SWAT teams, the frenetic world of the ER, and the tense, secretive world of the Navy Seals. His writing is emotional, with up and down roller coaster plots and nail-biting twists.

Vanity Fair boosted the novel’s already soaring popularity with their book party for him. Guests came to support Hurwitz, as well as to admire Ike Behar’s new menswear collection also featured by Nordstrom's. The dapper Josh Mankiewicz of Dateline NBC and perennial fashion critic Mr. Blackwell enjoyed themselves amongst the array of Hollywood personalities.











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