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Tom Arnold and Loraine Colonello

Tom Arnold Fourth Annual Celebrity Roast

POWER covered the comedic Fourth Annual Tom Arnold Celebrity Roast, which benefited at-risk children. More than 400 guests attended this event and fundraiser, in which Ed McMahon and James Cameron were honored and roasted. The evening's proceeds went to the Kayne Eras Center, a school that provides an alternative to public school placement for children who are at-risk of not succeeding in the mainstream because of disabilities or negative circumstances in which they live. This annual event brought more than US $200,000 toward the state-of-the-art facility that educates and treats at-risk youth and adults with learning, developmental, and emotional disabilities. Bob Saget, Phyllis Diller, Stan Winston, Craig Shoemaker, Bob Zany, Jon Landau, and Joel Kramer made up the celebrity panel that roasted Ed McMahon and James Cameron. Also in attendance and mingling with POWER editor, Loraine Jarblum, were Davis Clan, Chris and Michele Rose from The Best Damn Sports Show Period, George Schlatter, Suzan Hughes, Betty and Fred Hayman, and James Cameron.


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