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Halle Berry (Audrey Burke)

Dream Works Pictures

Things We Lost in the Fire

Dreamworks has brought to the screen Things We Lost In The Fire, a serious film that moviegoers expect from the great foreign film makers.

Academy Award winner Halle Berry plays the distraught young widow of David Duchovny, a successful developer in Seattle. She is also the mother of two picture perfect children. Duchovny’s best childhood friend, played by Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro, is a recovering heroin addict.

After Duchovny’s death, Del Toro moves into Berry’s garage in exchange for the promise of doing odd jobs. In performances that will be noted at the upcoming award season, Berry and Del Toro’s relationship and that of the two children evolve. Del Toro has a drug relapse. Berry becomes remote. The children bond with Del Toro as a surrogate father.

Thinks We Lost in The Fire is not a feel good movie but one that explores some of our rawest motions.

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