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Sarah Ferguson and Lil Max

SOS Children's Village

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, recently became the official celebrity spokesperson of the SOS Children's Villages - USA, currently the world's largest non-political child welfare society. After visiting the SOS Children's Villages in Florida, where she mingled with young children living in the SOS Villages, she touched down in Santa Monica to attend a reception to celebrate the fantastic achievements of SOS Children's Villages- USA.

"There isn't another place I know of in the United States that provides this kind of attention for children who have been through so much," the Duchess said. "SOS Children's Villages provides the permanency, the support, and the ability for these children to be able to learn about healing and learn about their lives…If, as spokesperson, my voice can carry a bit of wind, then I'll fly in the wind," she concluded.

Each child in the SOS Children's Village lives in a community of 10-15 families and is given a parent, home, brothers ,and sisters to reproduce a stable, educational family environment. Siblings are never separated. Besides all of the work SOS does in the United States, the 12-time, Nobel Peace Prize-nominated organization provides homes for 52,000 abandoned and abused children in 131 countries around the world.

Ferguson hopes her positive views and optimistic outlook will work in tandem with the goals of SOS. "What is right will win out one day," Ferguson declared. "I can see so clearly this positive purpose through the work being done in the United States and around the world by SOS Children's Villages."
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