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Penelope Cruz

Sahara Premiere

Hot new couple, Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, hooked up on the set of the latest great flick, Sahara. POWER Editor-in-chief, Loraine Colonello, attended the screening to check it out and found the movie to be as exciting as it has been cracked up to be. At the premiere at Paramount Studios, the adorable Cruz cuddled up to a camel while buddies Steve Zahn and Matthew McConaughey hammed it up for the press. Disney CEO Michael Eisner came to support his son, Breck Eisner, who directed the film.

In the movie, McConaughey plays expert explorer, Dirk Pitt, who finds a fabled coin linked to a historical legend, which leads him on the adventure of his life, embarking on a treasure hunt through some of the most dangerous regions of West Africa. As McConaughey and sidekick Steve Zahn, who plays the comedic Al Giordino, search for what the locals call the “Ship of Death,” a long-lost Civil War battleship that contains a clandestine cargo, they meet the beautiful Dr. Eva Rojas, who believes that the hidden treasure may be connected to a larger problem that threatens the world around them.

Post-screening, the film has seen mixed reviews, yet few which downplay the acting of McConaughey, Cruz and Zahn, who seem to be the glue which holds the film together and the reason for its probable success in the box office.

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