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Loraine Colonello and Dick Van Patten

POWER Screening Party

POWER had their first screening party in Beverly Hills at the esteemed Charles Aidikoff screening room, which the showbiz crowd knows so well, is on the first floor of the famed William Morris Agency's building on Rodeo Drive. Editor-in-Chief, Loraine Colonello, and Hollywood manager and producer Jay Bernstein screened the recently televised Charlie's Angels film, which told the story of the phenomenon that was that was Charlie's Angels. Jay used to manage Farrah Fawcett, as well as other starlets like Linda Evans and Suzanne Somers in their heyday. Loraine's good friends, Eight is Enough's Dick Van Patten, his lovely wife, Pat, and their son Nels also attended. POWER also screened a tease from Dick's new reality show, which features his good friends, Odd Couple's Jack Klugman and comedian Tim Conway all doing what they all so love to do--betting at the racetrack. Besides the above, also in attendence was CSI star Wallace Langham, who plays Jay Bernstein in the film, and famed bi-coastal hair colorist to the stars, Jon Patrick. As the screening let out, the room was filled with buzz and conversation as Nels Van Patten recalled that the famous Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster was shot by the pool at the Van Patten compound. All in all, the night was a fun kick off to more POWER screenings to come.
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