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Petrossian Sales Manager, Jordan Garcia and Robaire Restaurant owner Robert Robaire

Petrossian Paris Caviar

When the powerful dine in style, nothing could be more luxurious or delicious than the finest caviar, the 'food of the gods.' Caviar is fish roe or eggs sieved to remove fatty tissues and membrane and lightly salted. While all female fish produce eggs, or roe, purists define caviar as coming from the sturgeon fish and the sturgeon alone.

Eve Vega sure knows her caviar. She is the executive director of The Americas for Petrossian Paris, whose caviar is the best selling worldwide. At a recent caviar and champagne luncheon at the Petrossian Café in Beverly Hills, Eve shared with POWER her thoughts on this ultimate power food. "People often times don't understand or know what caviar is. Because of the Petrossian name, trademark and our reputation, we never take shortcuts just for the almighty dollar. Caviar will always be expensive, and we are by far the most expensive than the industry norm. But we give you your money's worth because we give you a first-rate product. Caviar is low in calories and cholesterol and high in protein. It's also an aphrodisiac. To me, that's the best selling point. Caviar is a unique item; it shouldn't be looked upon as fish eggs," Vega says.

Besides being low in calories and cholesterol, caviar's high content of acetylcholine is touted as a great hangover remedy for it lines the stomach and increases the body's tolerance to alcohol. Caviar also contains arginine, which increases blood flow, and it is thus considered to be an aphrodisiac. So next time you have a romantic night with champagne, don't forget the caviar!

In addition to their Beverly Hills Café, Petrossian has restaurants and boutiques in Paris and in New York and café lounges at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Their celebrity clients include Sharon Stone, Danny DeVito, Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Pierce Brosnan, and Denzel Washington. The luncheon at Petrossian drew in heavy-hitters from the foodie and chef crowd, including Water Grill chef Paul Shoemaker, Joe's Restaurant owner Joe Miller, L'Orangerie chef Christophe, chefs from The Little Door Nicholas Peters and Samir Mohajer, Mix Restaurant owner Brenda Swanson, Mad Man Catering Chef Michael Madau, The Regency Club's Philippe d'Angelo and The Beverly Hills Hotel executive chef Eric Scuiller. Robert Robaire, the owner and chef of Robaire's Restaurant, who opened the first French restaurant in Los Angeles in 1952, was also there to enjoy the finest caviar. General manager at Petrossian, Paul McBride, served up delicious dollops of caviar with créme frâiche on toast points. Maisons Marques & Domaines regional manager Dirk Smits poured champagne for happy guests who also enjoyed salmon with cucumber and lemon and heavenly chocolate truffles.
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