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Kathleen and Wayne Newton

Lupus LA's Evening of Love, Light and Laughter

Las Vegas crooner Wayne Newton and his lovely wife, Kathleen, received the 2004 Loop Award at Lupus LA's Fourth Annual Evening of Love, Light & Laughter. Actress Melissa Joan Hart was also honored. The event was co-chaired by Hollywood's manager to the stars, Bernie Brillstein (who manages Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler) and his wife, author Carrie Brillstein. Among the industry heavies in attendance were Freddie and Corinna Fields, Marla and Bud Paxton and Gretchen Wayne, who presented the award to Melissa in honor of her late husband, Michael Wayne. Comedian Paul Rodriguez entertained the audience, along with recording artist Bonnie McKee. Craig Kilborn shared some inside stories about his friend, Wayne Newton. Ryan O'Neal, Brittany Murphy, Backstreet Boy Howie D., Frankie Avalon, Mario Van Peebles, and Extra's Dayna Devon also showed up to lend support to this worthy cause as did our own Editor-in-Chief, Loraine Colonello.



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