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The Legend of Zorro Movie Poster

Sony Pictures

The Legend of Zorro Los Angeles Premiere

A flaming “Z” lit up the Los Angeles Orpheum Theater red carpet as Sony Pictures celebrated The Legend of Zorro premiere. Masked avenger Antonio Banderas was there and looked muy caliente with a shorter haircut that real-life wife, Melanie Griffith, appeared to enjoy. His onscreen companion, Catherine Zeta-Jones, sizzled the red carpet in a Zorro-esque Dolce & Gabbana gown adorned with a wrap-around black lace sash and vibrant red flower.

The action-packed film was just as exciting as the arrivals. The movie is set several years after The Mask of Zorro, where Alejandro (Antonio Banderas) and Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) are married with their 10 year-old son, Joaquin (Adrian Alonso), in gold rush California.

Conflicted with his desire to lead a normal life as a husband/father and his sense of duty to protect the oppressed, Alejandro decides to don the mask of Zorro one last time to ward off greedy land barons threatening California’s statehood. In doing so, he runs into a crisis that threatens his life and his family’s.

A combination of adventure, comedy and romance, The Legend of Zorro delivered an unforgettable, marvelous evening. Muchas gracias, Sony!

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