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Larry Thompson and Loraine Colonello

Larry Thompson’s Shine Reception

At Brentano’s book store in Century City, a literary and philanthropic event took place as William Shatner hosted the launch of Larry Thompson’s new book, Shine: A Powerful 4-Step Plan for Becoming a Star in Anything You Do. The event was also the debut of Project Rise & Shine, an organization where stars can use their power as celebrities to uplift, motivate, and inspire others worldwide to reach their full potential and map their own unique road to stardom. Guests sipped champagne and socialized. Many people bought the book, and a portion of the proceeds went to the Barbara Davis’ Children’s Diabetes Foundation. The Davis clan came out for the good cause, and other notables in attendance were Linda Blair, Alan Thicke, Sheree Wilson, Josè Eber, Tina Sinatra, Marie Wilson, Lil Maxso Flores (the world’s youngest rapper), Candy Lightner (founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and legendary Jay "Star Maker" Bernstein. Stars all over are raving about the book and Jane Seymour describes it as, “Engaging, heartfelt and instructive.”
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