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Pierce Brosnan as James Bond

James Bond, 007... Still the Hottest Man in Hollywood

Pierce Brosnan has stood the test of time. He remains the fantasy of every woman and reigns as the ultimate James Bond! POWER VIP subscribers have indicated in polls that Pierce Brosnan is the "sexiest man alive" for women of all ages!

From his early days as a TV detective on Remington Steele to his most recent success in the James Bond series, Brosnan specializes in dodging bullets and seducing women (our readers are no exception)! The Irish-born actor is full of charm and wit that only intensify his good looks. At 6’2”, with piercing blue eyes and a chiseled jaw, Brosnan only gets more and more handsome with age. At 51, he has become a sex symbol for mature audiences especially. His action movies have been among the most lucrative of the franchise and his Bond panache has kept the character alive well into the 21st century! As the fifth James Bond in 1995, Brosnan was quickly recognized as the best since Sean Connery and for a younger generation, the best Bond ever!

Brosnan succeeds both on and off-screen, however. Mutually attractive is the fact that Brosnan is a devoted family man as well. He married former Bond girl Cassandra Harris in 1980, and together, they had one son, Sean. Harris, being 11 years older than Brosnan, also brought to the marriage her two children, Christopher and Charlotte, whom Brosnan adopted in 1986 when their birth father passed away. Tragedy struck the family again when Harris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1988. Cassandra died in Brosnan’s arms in 1991. Beside himself with grief, he said, "Cassie has made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am. She's forever embedded in every fiber of my being.”

Though it took quite some time before Brosnan recovered from his intense sorrow, he eventually found himself to be happy with Keely Shaye Smith. In 2001, the couple had a “happily ever after” marriage in an Irish castle and now have two sons together, Dylan Thomas and Paris Beckett. Able to always end up on top, both as Bond and as Brosnan, this endearing yet suave actor seems to win the hearts of every woman everywhere. And, it is easy to see why!

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