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Ben Stiller (Eddie) and Malin Akerman (Lila)

Dream Works Pictures

The Heart Break Kid

Fans of Ben Stiller and the Farrelly Brothers are in for a real treat as the Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks presentation The Heartbreak Kid is a laugh a minute movie.

Ben Stiller (Eddie) is prodded by his movie and real life father Jerry Stiller (Doc) to get married. He meets the beautiful Malin Akerman (Lila) and after a short romance gets married. They then drive to Mexico for their honeymoon. From the moment they start the drive Eddie has an inkling that this marriage may not have been a great idea. None of Lila’s newly discovered idiosyncrasies are endearing.

Once in Mexico, Lila gets a toxic sunburn and is confined to her room. Eddie then meets fellow guest Michelle Monaghan (Miranda) and quickly realizes that Miranda, not Lila, is the girl of his dreams. Of course, Eddie neglects to tell Miranda and her southern family that his wife is recovering in their room.

This remake of the Neil Simon/Elaine May comedy is riotously funny all the way through. Make sure not to miss it.

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