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Melanie Griffith with her daugthers and Loraine Colonello

GP Deva's Jewelry Launch Party

Following the successful launch of it's new Zen Spa and 100% natural skin care line, GP Deva now launches it's new Totemic Energy Jewelry Line. The launch was kicked off with a fabulous party at GP Deva's Rodeo Drive store. Celebrities in attendance included Melanie Griffith, Val Kilmer, rapper Coolio, Julia Robert's brother Eric Roberts, Christopher Atkins from Blue Lagoon, Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers, and actress Phoebe Cates, as well as GP Deva's co-founder and designer, Lee Sun-Don. Gorgeous models mingled with the crowd of partygoers, modeling the Totemic Energy Jewelry Line created with stunning 18-K white gold, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and pearls. At one point in the night, GP Deva's gracious owner presented Gail Devers with a Totemic Energy creation all her own. The Olympic gold medal track star was surprised and very happy to receive such a dazzling gift. The exciting new jewelry line creates a union of art and culture and strives to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit, while maintaining energy at its purest and most perfect level.



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