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Paramount Studios

Failure to Launch

Most parents dread the day when their adult children leave the nest. But in Paramount PicturesFailure to Launch, Sue (Kathy Bates) and Al (Terry Bradshaw) can’t wait for their son, Tripp, (Matthew McConaughey) to move out.

Fed up with their thirtysomething, resident moocher, the desperate duo hires Paula, (Sarah Jessica Parker), a professional consultant whose job is to get Tripp to fall in love and out of the house for good!

But just when his affection begins to grow for his dream girl, so does his suspicion. Beautiful, talented, witty, and fun-loving, Paula almost seems too good to be true. Is she, Tripp wonders? Could it be that she’s in on his parents’ plan to empty the nest? Tripp is unsure.

Funny and romantic, Failure to Launch is a successful movie pick.






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