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Paramount Studios


Following the latest trend of capturing the mystique and intrigue of the suburbs, Paramount Pictures released its latest chilling thriller, Disturbia.

In the movie, Shia LaBeouf stars as Kale, a troubled teen who has been put under house arrest after assaulting a teacher at school. At first glance, Kale’s situation appears to be the envy of any teenager. Instead of going to school, Kale spends his carefree days playing video games, surfing the Internet, eating junk food and watching TV.

But after awhile, this turns into a routine, one that Kale is anxious to break. To pass the time, Kale takes up people watching with his best friend, Ronnie (Aaron Yoo) and the hot girl next door, Ashley (Sarah Roemer). Together, they form a neighborhood watch and begin to survey and monitor the activities of their neighbors.

Soon afterward, they learn that the wholesome, cookie-cutter image of suburbia is nothing more than a facade. One neighbor’s husband, they discover, is having a lurid affair while another neighbor has a not-so-normal obsession with her pets. But what shocks them the most is Mr. Turner (David Morse). When they spy on the quiet neighbor and witness some of his very disturbing behavior, they begin to wonder if the perfect, model neighbor who lives just steps away from them is actually a serial killer.

If you’re desperate for a nail-biting, heart-stopping film, Disturbia will certainly blow you away.

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