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Tom Cruise and Jada Pinkett Smith

Jamie Foxx and Michael Mann

Cruise and Collateral Premiere

What if you were a normal cab driver, and you went on a routine nighttime pick up at LAX airport? But the fare you picked up turned out to be a cold-blooded hit man and you become his hostage for a night that subsequently became the roller coaster ride of your life. That's what Jamie Foxx, who plays the driver and Tom Cruise, who plays the hit man, live out in Dreamwork's upcoming gritty Collateral directed by Michael Mann and released nationally on Friday, Aug. 6, 2004.

The stars came out for the premiere and after-party at Los Angeles's funky Orpheum theater located in Downtown LA. The three main stars were there: Tom Cruise (who arrived dateless), Jamie Foxx (also dateless), and Jada Pinkett Smith, who arrived solo because her husband, Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith, was at his own premiere of I, Robot in London. Other celebrities who showed up included actresses Alicia Silverstone, Camryn Manheim, Juliette Lewis (Tom's co-star in his next film Mission Impossible 3), the Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss, co-star Mark Ruffalo and his lovely model wife, Sunrise, singer and actor Meatloaf, JAG's Catherine Bell, Larry David's funny co-star Cheryl Hines, singer Diana Ross and boxing great Muhammad Ali, Will & Grace's Eric McCormack, NYPD Blue's lovely Garcelle Beauvais, King of Queens' Leah Remini, actress Erika Christenson and The Green Mile's Michael Clarke Duncan. Dreamworks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg was there, along with Paramount executives Sherry Lansing and Paramount head honcho Sumner Redstone and his wife, Paula Fortunato. The Paramount crew was there because Tom's next movie, Mission Impossible 3, due out next summer, is under Paramount's banner.

Tom said, "This is one of the most exciting projects I've done. It's taken me to places professionally that I've never been before." Jamie's take on working with the indefatigable Tom, "He's one of the funniest guys I've worked with. He's so focused and yet can laugh on set and make everybody comfortable. I loved working with him." Jada said, "I'm one lucky woman working with these two guys. And, I have the greatest guy, [her hubby Will Smith] at home."

Hollywood is known for its glitzy premieres and this one was no exception. People partied till the wee hours except the main stars. They stayed only for a bit and left in their limos. Collateral will surely be one of the biggest summer blockbusters and another feather in Tom's golden cap.

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