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Charlie Bartlett

School may have been out for the summer but for a selected group of movie reviewers, school was in session as they laughed, cried and empathized with a high schooler struggling to fit in named Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin).  This is the best high school movie in years!

After the wealthy teenager was kicked out of the umpteenth private school, his overwhelmed mother, Marilyn (Hope Davis), had had enough and decided that the witty and charming troublemaker would go to a public school.

With no friends and the constant, intimidating glare of the feared Principal Gardner (Robert Downey Jr.), Charlie found his only salvation was in his psychiatry sessions. Learning that his fellow classmates were also struggling with issues of acceptance, he appointed himself student body psychiatrist, converting the boy’s bathroom into a tell-all confessional.

While schooling his fellow angst patients on how to resolve the crises in their lives, Charlie also learned valuable lessons on acceptance and love.

Funny and charming, Charlie Bartlett is a humorous reminder of how we all struggled to become the Big Man on Campus. Do not miss this movie when the film is scheduled for release in February 2008.

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