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Paramount Studios

Barnyard: The Original Party Animals

Cows grazing in lush green fields; hens nursing their precious eggs; and pigs enjoying a good ‘ol fashion mud bath appear to be the norm in any given barnyard. But not in the latest Nickelodeon / Paramount Pictures animated flick Barnyard: The Original Party Animals .

Once the coast is clear of the unwary farmer and the lookout sheep give the signal, the animals resume their secret lives, walking upright, talking and masterminding the craziest practical jokes and wildest parties ever.

Old MacDonald’s farm this is not, the circus-like barnyard miraculously achieves order thanks to its leader Ben the Cow (Sam Elliott).  Dependable and reliable, all look to Ben for guidance and reasoning…except his carefree son Otis the Cow (Kevin James).

A self-proclaimed party animal who lives by no rules, Otis is far more concerned with pulling a fast one on unsuspecting humans and palling around with best buds Pip the Mouse (Jeff Garcia), Freddy the Ferret (Cam Clarke), Peck the Rooster (Rob Paulson) and Pig the Pig (Tino Insana) than he is in taking responsibility.

When he learns Ben can no longer care for the animals, Otis, with the encouragement and wisdom of Miles the Mule (Danny Glover), tries to fill in as the new barnyard leader.

At first, calling all of the shots seems like a lot of fun, especially in front of a certain someone he is trying to impress: Daisy the Cow (Courtney Cox). But when things go higgledy-piggledy, he realizes he has some rather tough shoes—or hooves—to fill. With the viscous, scheming coyotes threatening to take over the barnyard and the farmer discovering the animals’ secret, Otis must find a way to fix everything. Can he?

This picture will entertain the kids and not bore the parents. Plus, it will keep you guessing who the voices behind your favorite characters are. Bet the farm that Barnyard: The Original Party Animals will go the extra mile to win your heart.
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