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Actor Andy Dick and Loraine Jarblum

Photography by Benson Chan

American Music Awards 2007

Friends in High Places and Power ® hosted the fantastic Sanctuary Lounge at the House of Petals in West Hollywood in honor of the 2007 American Music Awards. Among the numerous celebrities who attended were actors Andy Dick, Steve Valentine, Kevin Rankin, actress Christel Khali, recording artist Lord Infamous, Tim Daley and a variety of bands including the Ray Jordan band.

The Santuary Lounge had many high end vendors providing services and gifting the celebrities including Patron Tequila, Mark Nason boots – the ultimate rock & roll accessory, D.anna Resnik designs –handbags, Trim Spa Water, Grant’s Pants jeans and casual wear, Cheese Impresario – artisan cheeses and gourmet treats, Love Cakes – gourmet cupcake bakery,  Jane Booke Designs, Malibu Ice popsicles, The Shave Beverly Hills, Grand Royal, Pleasure Ground Eyewear, Su Consierge "It's all for you" caterer, Hope Winery, Xellent Vodka, Kaboom Energy Drink, Vava Water, Gorilla Life drinks, 95 and sunny nail care, iZO Cleanse drink, Le Petit Hermitage Hotel in West Hollywood, Nails by Beth, Ja'Maal Buster "The Celebrity Eyelash Guru", Bad boy/girl energy drink, Natural Logic bath salts, soaps beauty, organic, Firemans Brew,Ionic foot bath, detox, Turbo sonic vibration sound therapy, Diamond & Crystal Infrared therapy bed and Reputation Hats.

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